RE:H Education is a training program suitable for humanistic skills development, related to products planning and technological services

Thanks to human science experts contribution, we will analyze several aspects necessary to the sustainable and human centered technologies development.

The subject matters are related to the following fields:

  • Ethical technology​
  • Increase Empathy​
  • Speculative Design
  • Creating collaboration
  • Energy sector Design
  • Venture Philanthropy​

Birthplace of the Humanism, Italy is the place where to let this reflection starts, pursuant to its historical and artistic tradition and to its attitude for the beauty and critical thoughts. Thanks to a stock of knowledge and using the contamination as an innovative instrument for training, RE:H Education put together sociologists, philosophers, artists, architects, design engineers, scientists and technicians with the aim of offering suitanables solutions on human scale.


  • You will receive a deep introduction to the recent researches in neuroaesthetic and in design thinking methodologies in order to support the aesthetic design of products.
  • You will learn to apply relevant principles and learnings to the product design thank to the way artists create and work to their masterpieces.
  • You will develop skills linked to the empathetic design, thanks to the analysis of new products from a different and more complex point of view, with a particular attention on the comprehension of the users’ cognitive and emotional heuristics.